Rachel + Barry | Tamisa hotel | Mijas


Ruth Blamire-Brown


  • It was such a pleasure to shoot Rachel and Barry’s wedding. Rachel looked incredible and with their church ceremony held in Mijas Pueblo the day definitely had the wow factor! All the wedding guests looked fantastic and with a walk to the top of the village past the donkeys and through the winding streets with incredible views of the Mediteranian.  Rachel arrived with her parents in a classic vintage car and Rachel and Barry said their vows surrounded by friends and family.
  • After the pair tied the knot, the guests enjoyed the views and enjoyed refreshing drinks outside the church. We found some great places for some portraits before the wedding party returned to the evening venue at Tamisa Golf Hotel. The sun was setting over the wedding party for dinner and with a giant LED love sign the setting was perfect.
  • Being an Irish wedding the party vibe soon got started when Rachel and Barry opened the dance floor with a first dance and the guests partied the night away!
  • It was such a pleasure to be part of such a beautiful day and I wish Rachel and Barry a very happy future.
  • Thanks to:
  • Hotel Tamisa
  • Kate, wedding planner
  • Double Cocktail

Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding001 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding002 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding003 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding004 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding005 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding006 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding007 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding008 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding009 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding010 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding011 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding013 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding014 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding015 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding016 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding017 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding018 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding019 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding020 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding021 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding022 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding023 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding024 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding025 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding026 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding027 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding028 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding029 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding030 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding031 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding032 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding033 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding034 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding035 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding036 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding037 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding038 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding039 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding040 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding041 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding042 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding043 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding044 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding045 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding046 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding047 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding048 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding049 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding050 Tamisa_Golf_Mijas_Wedding051

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