Natalie + Michael | Casa de los Bates


Ruth Blamire-Brown


  • In June I made my way to one of my favorite wedding venues Casa de Los Bates for the beautiful wedding of Natalie and Michael. Casa de los Bates is a stunning 19th century house surrounded by gardens and the dramatic red carpet entrance, and is always a great place to work.
  • I really enjoyed documenting Natalie getting ready for her wedding. She looked stunning along with the flower girls. The atmosphere was very relaxed and we all had a good giggle! The ceremony was held in the “secret garden” an intimate and unique place for a wedding ceremony and Natalie and Michael tied the knot surrounded by friends and family.
  • The wedding party enjoyed canapes in the gardens before being seated for a scrumptious meal. The sun slowly set over the guests as the evening drew in, and the party was just getting started!
  • Natalie and Michael are such a lovely couple and with their adorable little boy Hugo. It was a pleasure to document their special day. Their friends and family were so welcoming and made Natalie and Michael’s day perfect!
  • Big thanks to:
  • Paula
  • Dj Tristan

Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding002 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding003 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding004 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding005 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding006 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding007 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding008 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding009 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding010 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding011 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding012 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding013 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding014 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding015 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding016 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding017 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding018 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding019 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding020 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding021 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding022 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding023 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding024 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding025 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding026 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding027 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding028 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding029 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding030 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding031 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding032 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding033 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding034 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding035 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding036 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding037 Casa_de_Los_Bates_Wedding038

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