Natalie and Jason | Tikitano Wedding


Ruth Blamire-Brown


  • I always love a wedding at Tikitano.  A gorgeous venue with views of the ocean and a fantastic team, Tikitano is a great wedding venue. Natalie and Jason, an American couple were set to wed in the gardens in what was to be a beautiful outdoor ceremony.
  • I had loads of fun with Natalie and the girls before the ceremony. It was all systems go as the girls were putting final touches to the wedding details. Natalie looked incredible and was ready to get married. She was arriving at Tikiatno in style today in a stretched limo!
  • It was a beautiful ceremony set in the tropical gardens, which overlooked the ocean. The guests enjoyed champagne and cocktails on the terrace before being seated for a meal to remember. The food at Tikitano never fails to impress. A formal sit down feast of three courses were enjoyed and with some hilarious and emotional speeches in between the guests wiped away their tears.
  • The sun had set and Natalie and Jason performed their first dance together as Mr and Mrs. The DJ turned up the tunes and the party had started!
  • It was a great pleasure to be part of a beautiful day and I wish all the best to Natalie and Jason in the future!
  • Ruth x

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