Megan + Nicolas | Wedding in Rota


Ruth Blamire-Brown


  • It was lovely to be part of Megan and Nick’s wedding day!. There were just a handful of guests and I really felt part of their day. Megan was determined not to let anything spoil her special day. There had been a last minute ceremony change. The original plan of a Navy ship wedding ceremony could not go ahead, but this did not stop Megan and Nick having a wedding day to remember.
  • After the couple had their first look at the hotel, we all made our way to the beach, there was plenty of time for a few portraits on the way into Rota. The couple and their nearest and dearest said a few words and exchanged the rings in the sunshine at the oceans edge! It was lovely and intimate and nothing else mattered.
  • Being such a small wedding we had loads of time for some portraits and with a quick coffee stop we made our way to the restaurant. The setting was perfect and with a place for me at the table I ended my day with dinner. Megan, Nick, family and friends were so welcoming and sweet and I wish the happy couple all the best for the future!
  • Ruth

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