Marketa + Michal


Ruth Blamire-Brown


  • It was great to be back at El Oceano. It is a great venue and a popular choice for weddings stylish weddings near the beach on the Costa del Sol. I met Marketa in the El Oceano spa, just as the team were perfecting the finishing touches to the bridal party.
  • Michal, friends and family waited for the arrival of the bride. The terrace restaurant had been transformed for the ceremony. With views of the sea from every window, it looked amazing. Marketa made her entrance and the ceremony began. There were lots of smiles and tears and with only a small number of guests it was a lovely intimate ceremony.
  • Soon after the wedding party enjoyed cocktails and canapes by the hotel pool and before everyone sat down to a delicious dinner there was a little time for some portraits as the evening drew  Just before the sun set the whole wedding party took a stroll to the beach for some more portraits. The light was perfect and with a little fresh air and a stroll after the mea, everyone was ready for a party!
  • I really enjoyed Marketa and Michal’s wedding. Everyone was super friendly and the atmosphere was lovely. I wish the couple all the best for the future and thank you for having me!
  • All the best Ruth x

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