Lyndsie + Phil


Ruth Blamire-Brown


  • The wedding of Lyndsie and Philip was  held at the stunning Cortijo Bravo. With an Irish and Scottish crowd the day was sure to be lots of fun. I was instantly welcomed by Lyndsie and Phillip and the preparations before the wedding were great to photograph. Lyndsie looked amazing in her vintage style wedding dress and family and friends helped with the finishing touches.
  • The ceremony was held in the gardens, its always a fantastic location for a wedding with amazing landscapes for a backdrop. The ceremony was enjoyed by family and friends, after they all tucked into canapes in the sunshine. I managed to spend a little time with the couple for some portraits in the luscios gardens and the light was stunning.
  • The evening dinner and party was set up outside and looked amazing as the sun set over the wedding party. With some emotional speeches and a scrumptious feast the party was getting started. Lyndsie, Philip and their guests partied to a live band before the Dj set up to finish the celebrations.
  • Big thanks to Paula from Perfect Spanish Weddings for all her help.
  • Ruth x
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