Elina and Miguel | La Almoraima Hotel in Castellar de la Frontera


Ruth Blamire-Brown


  • Elina and Miguel were getting married at La Almoraima Hotel and my second time photographing a wedding here. It is a grand hotel with large grounds and the perfect luxury wedding venue.
  • When I arrived at the hotel Elina and Miguel had just enjoyed a refreshing swim and were very relaxed about their big day ahead. After having a little chat with Miguel he informed me of his not so traditional entrance to the ceremony. I realized today was to be a stunning but also a very quirky day!
  • Photographing the preparations before the ceremony was fantastic. Elina and Miguel had pulled out all the stops and looked amazing. The ceremony held in the gardens with Elina and her father were walking arm in arm towards the ceremony, but Miguel was not to be seen. All of a sudden he appears on an old fashioned bicycle, nearly crashing into his wife to be he makes it to the ceremony! The guests cheered with laughter and Elina joining in too as she walked up the isle. It was a lovely ceremony, the atmosphere was relaxed and there was lots of laughter. The local mayor married the happy couple and it was time for drinks in the hotel courtyard. The guests enjoyed mouthwatering canapes before and I took the couple and their family away for some portraits.Dinner was a formal sit down meal and the wedding party began their feast. There were no formal speeches and the atmosphere was relaxed yet the party had definitely started. It was soon time to make our way to an outer building at the hotel where the evening party was to be held. With no formal first dance Elina, Miguel and their guests were straight on the dance floor. The atmosphere was energetic! It was hard not to get in to the spirit with the trio on stage, a dj, saxophonist and a drummer the music was awesome and this was one wedding I wanted to stay and dance the night away!!!!!
  • It was a pleasure to be part of a memorable wedding day and to meet Elina and Miguel.
  • Ruth x

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