Claudia + Andrew | Fain Viejo Wedding


Ruth Blamire-Brown


  • I arrived at Casa Fain Viejo for the wedding of Claudia and Andrew. It was my first time here and it was a stunning setting for a wedding. Situated in Arcos de la Frontera it is a private country residence and it oozes Spanish charm and history. It boasts an old olive oil mill, an orchard and an olive grove.
  • I met Claudia before the ceremony as she was having the final touches to her make-up. She looked amazing as her friends and family helped her complete her look. The ceremony was a little walk up the gardens and with plenty of opportunities for photographs on the way she arrived at the ceremony. It was an intimate occasion, and with gorgeous views and a friendly peacock (and dog) the happy couple said their vows in a beautiful ceremony conducted by Natasha Johnson.
  • The guests enjoyed canapes and very nice looking martinis in the courtyard and with a little time for some family photographs and couples portraits. As the sunset, the wedding party were seated for the banquet and courtyard and olive oil mill were prepared for the evening party.
  • Family and friends surrounded Claudia and Andrew with sparklers for the first dance. The setting was romantic, the band were awesome and the party was in full swing!!
  • It was a great pleasure to be part of such a beautiful wedding and I wish all the best in the future to Claudia and Andrew!!!
  • Big Thanks to:
  • Fain Viejo
    Natasha Minister
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