Emily + Ellie


Ruth Blamire-Brown


  • I was really excited for the wedding of Emily and Ellie. They were getting married in an intimate ceremony surrounded by family and close friends just outside Malaga. Casa de Laila is set in the beautiful Guadalhorce Valley in Andalucia, Spain, it is a hidden gem, a glamping paradise with a rustic, laid-back feel. It was the first time I had been here before and it was right up my street!
  • The girls were getting ready in the main house and with their nearest and dearest helping them with all the final touches they were ready for the ceremony which was to be held in the garden. It was a beautiful setting and there was lots of emotion and a few tears. After, the happy couple and their guests chilled out by the pool and soaked up the sun and atmosphere.
  • The dinner was to be served in a beautiful bamboo structure. With the sun setting it was time for a couple of speeches from the mum´s before the food was served. The wedding party was tucking into a scrumptious vegetarian buffet and with an Argentinian BBQ, the meat was divine!!
  • The atmosphere was very relaxed at Emily and Ellie´s wedding. Everyone was so happy to be in such a special place on a special day and the girls enjoyed every minute. It was lovely to meet them both and I wish them all the best in the future!!
  • Thanks to:
  • Pachamama catering
  • Natasha Johnson, minister
  • Jeanette, wedding planner
  • Ruth x

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