Agi + Selam | Cortijo Bravo


Ruth Blamire-Brown


  • I really enjoyed the wedding of Agnes and Salem. I always love photographing all the pre wedding preparation and today’s wedding did not let me down. The atmosphere was energetic and with two stunning and unique wedding dresses there was some great shots to be had.
  • Today´s wedding I was back at Cortijo Bravo. A really popular choice this year for my clients, I always love to shoot here. Agi and Salem joined each other at the ceremony to walk up the aisle together. The sun was shining and there were smiles all-round. After the guests enjoyed refreshing drinks and canapes, and then they headed to the evening reception a little walk from the main house. With no formal speeches, just a few words form the happy couple the wedding party sat down for dinner.
  • However, during dinner the girls made their way back to the house, with time for some portraits in the gardens they got changed into matching tuxes! They looked great and with some very surprised guests and a new look the party was started. DJ Tristan wasted no time to get the wedding party dancing their socks off under the stars.
  • It was really great to be part of a fantastic wedding, and you always know it is a good party when the photographer wanted to stay and join the fun, but with a long drive home I said my good bye´s and left the party in full swing.
  • Ruth x
  • Big thanks:
  • Corjito Bravo
  • Paula, Perfect Spanish Weddings
  • Liz Wilkinson, Celebrant
  • DJ Tristan
  • Anyone I forgot…

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