Amy + Ryan | Cortijo Bravo Wedding


Ruth Blamire-Brown


  • The beautiful  wedding  of Amy and Ryan was held at Cortijo Bravo, a really popular venue choice this year and having photographed here many times in the past, I always enjoy returning. It is surrounded by gorgeous views and has a rustic, but classic charm!
  • I met Amy before the ceremony. All the girls were getting ready together and the atmosphere was buzzing. I managed to capture some great images with the girls and popped in to see Ryan and his best-man. After a little while, and giving up with tying a tie another groomsmen came to the rescue!
  • The ceremony was held outside, the breathtaking views made the perfect backdrop and Amy and Ryan said their vows surrounded by their nearest and dearest. We had a little time after the ceremony for some family photos, while the guests cooled off with refreshing drinks and delicious canapes. Soon after we all headed to the evening reception and the wedding party sat down to a delicious dinner!
  • Amy and Ryan were keen to get the party starting and it was not long after Dj Fuller and Quike Navarro got the party guests dancing!
  • It was a real pleasure to be part of the wedding of Amy and Ryan and I wish them all the best in their future together.
  • Thanks to:
  • Paula, Perfect Spanish Weddings
  • Cortijo Bravo
  • Dj Fuller
  • Quike Navarro


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